Raynok Touch & Runabout Touch

When a small production requires the ability to control a small number of motors or a concert hall wants a simple solution for chain motor or banner controls, the Raynok Touch or a Runabout Touch is the preferred control unit.

The Raynok Touch is a 19” rack mount controller that can control up to four machines with the standard software in its stand alone configuration. Custom configurations and screens allow this versatile device to control multiple axes, create groups in a simple and intuitive manner.

The Runabout is a handheld device that has all the same abilities as its rack mounted partner, but with the added ability to be fully mobile. With the Runabout the operator can remotely control any Raynok console to send jog commands, playback and create cues and confirm axis status.

Raynok Touch & Runabout Touch Features

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  • 4” x 5” resistive touch screen
  • Fully integrated into the Emergency Stop System
  • Password protection
  • Software setup and cueing utility
  • Wireless option
  • A Runabout Touch Package includes; the device, 50’ cable and the software utility
  • A Touch System Package includes; the device, a built in E-Stop Master and the software utility