CH800 - Chain Hoist Controller

The CH-800 Chain Hoist Controller along with Stagemaker (configuration C) hoists are a cost effective solution when high load capacity hoisting is required to have position control.

Like all Raynok controllers, the CH – 800 is easily integrated into any Raynok software installation or can be used as a standalone controller with or without one of our interface devices.

The CH-800 comes in a portable rack mount model (shown above) as well as a NEMA12 wall mount cabinet for permanent installations. Four channel and two channel versions are also available. The system is simple and easy to setup and use.

CH800 Features

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  • Control up to eight hoists from one controller
  • Reach target positions with greater than a 3mm accuracy
  • Emergency Stop System with safety contactors
  • An unlimited number of controllers can be connected into the system
  • Control hoists from front panel prior to getting your computer set up, handy for load in and load out
  • Link seamlessly into the Raynok software for positional control functionality